Thax (thax) wrote in nonuglyotaku,

name: Thax
age: 32
location: Texas
10 favorite anime: Akira (first anime ever seen)
Legend of the Galactic Heros
Bubblegum Crisis
Lupon the 3rd
Cowboy Beebop (or is that still Lupon?)
Irresponsible Cpt. Tyler
Lodoss Wars
Golden Boy

10 favorite manga: Appleseed
Akira (yes, again)
but that's really the extend of my manga experience. :(

Anime or Manga? Anime Why?: easier for me to find/consume
Does the OP or ED effect whether or not you watch a series?:
Are you a dub hater?: nope. I prefer to watch than read.
Approximately how much do you spend on anime/manga each month?: Money? I got no money.
Series you've rewatched most?: probably my meager collection of Lupon
Favorite anime of the year?: I've fallen out of current viewing, since finding I'd turned into a grownup
Conventions?: A-kon, fav of all time
What anime are you looking forward too most?: I'd just like to have the time to see something new.
J-pop/J-rock?: I've heard a few bands.
do you cosplay?: Not as much as I used to.
post a 100x100 of you: check my icon. Its me!
pics (3+): Sadly, I don't have any cosplay pics onhand. It has been a while.

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