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name: Dana-maru
age: 16
location: I'm lost in New England somewheres
10 favorite anime:

Gundam Wing
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (original with subtitles only)
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Troopers
Mononoke Hime
Ranma 1/2
Outlaw Star

10 favorite manga:

Paradise Kiss
Card Captor Sakura
The Aromatic Bitters
DN Angel
Battle Royale
Prince of Tennis

Anime or Manga? Why?: I'd say manga just because I like to take in some of the more detailed artwork from manga. Sometimes the anime form of some mangs is really good, even better, but I still prefer sitting down and letting my imagination do the rest. I see manga as more individual and anime as more social. When I'm with friends, we watch anime. At home, I read manga.
Does the OP or ED effect whether or not you watch a series?: Not really, but usually they're meant to grab the watcher's attention so if it sounds/looks like something I don't think I'll be into, I don't watch it. Most times I'll give it a try, bad OP or not. It doesn't really matter much.
Are you a dub hater?: No, just a hater of really bad dub jobs. For instance, I will only watch subtitled and unedited BSSM because the voices DRIVE ME INSANE. No one believes Luna REALLY has an English accent, and why does Naru have a NY accent?! SOME, or should I say rarely, anime has good dubbing. Like FLCL, it's excellent in my opinion. The voices are actually pretty dead on to the japanese VAs, and they actually sound good and RIGHT for the parts they have.
Approximately how much do you spend on anime/manga each month?: Money's very tight right now so I'll buy a manga every two months. Mostly, my friends supply me with the goodies, though. ^__^
Series you've rewatched most?: BSSM. Yes, dorky of me, but it was the first anime I had ever seen or got into (besides DBZ-that would come in second). I've commited lines to memory. In my opinion, Takeuchi did hit gold on this series. I used to hate it when I got older because I realized how muched DIC fucked it over and censored everything good and decent in that show. Believe me I could rant forever. Ever since I got the first three season box sets, I've been quite happy.
Favorite anime of the year?: Not sure, exactly. I could tell you favorites from past years, but it's been a bad year overall for me thus far and I haven't been paying attention.
Conventions?: YES, PLEASE! I went to BAAF 2003 last year with my crew, and it wasn't THAT bad, but I don't think I want to go there again. I was iching to go to Otakon this year but lack of transportation and financial status prevented me. Cons are the best thing, you meet the strangest people and get tons of goodies.
What anime are you looking forward too most?: PARADISE KISS! Ai Yazawa doesn't drop any hits, but it's become so big that I'm sure she'll have to start thinking about it sooner or later. (If anyone knows for sure if an anime is in the works tell me ^_^)
J-pop/J-rock?: Some, I love Two-Mix, cause it's the one time I can call a band "quality techno" but they really are amazingly cool. The Pillows are awsome. Dir En Grey is pretty awesome, but the original Malice Mizer is awesome.
do you cosplay?: Yes, although I admit I don't have the time to do it too often. My current projects are Ninamori from FLCL and Hide from The Aromatic Bitters.
post a 100x100 of you:

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